Gutter Installation

Gutters have one job: to channel rainwater away from your home. 

Sounds simple enough. 

But if that job isn’t done well, it can cause major structural damage. 


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Water that leaks, drips or overflows from gutters can:

  • crack the foundation of your house
  • flood your home or basement 
  • damage painting and siding
  • cause mold growth or wood rot
  • damage your landscaping

So, how do you prevent this type of damage?


Our gutter services include:

  • LeaFree Gutter Products
  • Senox Guttering Products
  • Gutter repair/replacement
  • Gutter cleaning
  • New gutter installation
  • 5” and 6” seamless gutters
  • Rain collection systems

Guttering Solutions in Manhattan, KS

Be proactive and get a free gutter assessment from a reliable contractor. The right person can help you pinpoint broken hangers, sagging gutters, incorrect pitch, or just plain crummy materials or workmanship.

Wildcat Guttering & Exteriors has provided personalized gutter solutions for over 30 years. Tony Siebold is our owner. He’s a principled leader with a strong moral compass. (Don’t be surprised if you hear him whistling while he works!)

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