Gutter Protection Systems

The Problem

How many weekends have you spent cleaning stinky, soggy leaves out of your gutters? 

It’s a real sacrifice.

You start out by lugging the ladder to the rooftop. Then, you perch precariously on the edge and try not to fall. There’s so much gunk! You stretch out your arms and gather as much debris as possible before you climb down and move the ladder again.

At the end of the day, you have clean gutters … but you also have achy arms and a sweat-soaked shirt. 

What if you could relax instead?

Gutter covers are a cost-effective, maintenance-free solution. They keep leaves and debris out of your gutters and channel rainwater away from your home. You’ll never have to clean the gutters again! 

Wildcat Guttering & Exteriors installs gutter protection systems in northeast and north central Kansas. We use top of the line products from LeaFree. These affordable gutter guards are high quality and the best value. Check out to see how the system works and learn about the many benefits of LeaFree.

We would be honored to provide a free estimate for your new gutter protection system. Our courteous technicians have worked on all types of properties – from single family homes to large commercial buildings. Give us a call today at 785-537-8491. 
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